About Bioglobal
Expert Dedicated to Safe and Quality Agricultural Inputs

Bioglobal is a developer and manufacturer of integrated insect management products and services. We are a pioneer in the agricultural bioscience industry.

Our mission is to provide sustainable and innovative insect management solutions to protect our community, environment, food and animals.

We combine excellent science in the fields of chemistry, entomology, chemical ecology, and engineering with commercial expertise to deliver integrated insect management products in three key areas:

· Crop Protection

· Community Health

· Animal Health

Our products provide practical solutions for agricultural and urban applications. They are designed to be accessible to both high-tech and low-tech markets. We have a proven track record of applying world-class knowledge and research to develop new, commercially-viable products and services. They reflect the environmental, economic and political trends to sustainability by addressing consumer concerns around:

· The food we eat - chemical residues and food safety.

· Global food security and crop yields.

· Insect resistance and harmful chemical contamination of the environment.

· The implications of genetic engineering of food and fibre.

· Protecting natural ecosystem balances.

· Worker safety and well-being.

· Efficacious and cost-effective insect management.

· Petrochemical and water sustainability issues.

Our insect management products are key tools that can make serious inroads into providing solutions to these concerns. With over ten years of investment into the development of new products we are constantly poised to take advantage of trends to sustainable management that run deep in political, economic and consumer commentary. These trends offer global market opportunities for Bioglobal’s portfolio of insect management products.

Our multi-disciplinary team of highly specialised researchers and professionals comprises entomologists, biotechnologists,  polymer engineers, marketing, manufacturing and distribution.

From 2012 Bioglobal has based its operations in Shenzhen in China where it has opened an office an secured 3000m2 of industrial space from which it undertakes its laboratory research and development, product development, manufacturing, and sales and distribution.

Bioglobal has a team of sales people travelling through the agricultural regions of China to develop markets for its existing and emerging products.