R & D and innovation capability is the core competitiveness of modern high-tech enterprises, Bailebao relying on the world's leading R & D platform, the establishment of a complete division of functions, strategic planning, equipment and facilities advanced personnel team robust R & D team.

Bioglobal In the research and development has a clear strategic path to break the general small and medium-sized high-tech enterprises boring head closed the plight of the door, adhere to independent innovation and integration of advanced technology combined with ideas, build world-class research and development platform, grafting different countries in different areas of resources, and Domestic and foreign top scientific research institutes, experts team to speed up the pace of technological innovation at the same time always master the core technology of independent intellectual property rights. The existing 12 full-time R & D personnel, foreign experts 4, R & D consultants more than 10 people, with more than 300 square meters of laboratory and GC, GCMS, camera function microscope and other laboratory equipment, and in 2014 won the Shenzhen City and national high-tech Enterprise identification. As of 2016, Paramount has six international invention patents, 15 domestic invention patents, of which five have been authorized, the remaining 10 are in the trial stage, four utility models, have all been authorized; registered trademark of 92 , Which has been authorized 25 international trademarks, 58 domestic authorized, and the remaining nine are being heard.